Beauty made great

SPRAY TAN Sienna X      £24.00

A lovely colour as light or dark as you want it! The Sienna X tan is the used by Strictly and X-Factor – the tan of the stars! Be fabulous.

Universal Contour Inch Loss Wrap

Wrap ONLY                                 (2hrs)                       1x£59.00       3x£150.00     

Wrap with measurements             (2.5hrs)                    1x£69.00.      3x£180.00

A guaranteed inch-loss body wrap. A minimum of 6” is guaranteed for 30 days provided you don’t put on any weight in that time. A choice of two wraps. One, we measure and wrap you. You then spend about 45 mins to an hour in the wrap reading a book or magazine in our reception area. Or you can choose to have an additional compatible treatment. We then un-wrap you and re-measure you. Or just be wrapped! Fantastic for those who are de-toxing and want to tone. It is recommended that you don’t have a very hot shower or bath for 3-4 days as the clay continues to draw out toxins. Have 3 wraps with a 7-14 day gap between each and you can go down a dress size. Please note that you can not wax or shave 2-3 days before or after the wrap.

The guarantee will only be issued with terms and conditions and at the therapists’ discretion.

Exfoliation Ritual

You are body brushed with skin tingling mitts, cleansed with lovely warm scented mitts and lastly a fabulous moisturiser is applied! For those wanting glowing skin allover! YUM

                                                                           45mins             £35.00


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