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FACIALS  all are available as 6 for 5 packages



Express                                                                                                   25mins                  £ 22.00

Double cleanse, deep exfoliation, mask, and moisturiser.

Therapeutic Facial                                                                                 45mins                  £ 29.00

A traditional therapeutic facial. With all the lovely, nice touches, for those that want to de-stress the facial way. NO EXTRACTIONS.

AgeSmart, MediBac & ChromaWhite Advanced Facials                        1hr                     £ 42.00

The latest in targeting in-depth facials to create a tailor made facial by Demalogica. Using vitamin extracts, Hydroxy Acid deep exfoliation, correcting serums and steam if required. It is recommended that you have a course of six of these facials as they are designed deal with more difficult issues. Book this one if you want extractions. 

PROBLEM SOLVER Course of six for five £ 190.00

MicroDermabration                                           upper back  or  face       30mins                 £ 25.00                 

DiamondPeel For the ultimate dermal pick-up. For deep exfoliation, reduction in fine lines and a glowing complexion, this is it! Using a fixed Diamond head to remove the epidermal cells leaving the skin radiant, smooth and without the gritty residue sometimes associated with crystal dermabration. Dead skin cells are drawn away using a vacuum action which also stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system improving the condition of the dermal layers. Sun damaged skin and acne scarring on décolleté and shoulders respond very well.

PLUS                                                                               Décolleté &Nec  +10mins            +£  8.00


Non-Surgical Facelift Microcurrent    (CASI)                                           30mins                   £ 20.00

Using the same technology as developed by CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument). Microcurrent facial toning machines sends a electrical impulse through the muscles of the face. The microcurrents action improve circulation to your face which stimulates production of collagen, improves tone and texture, and improves or eliminates fine lines.. The face is lifted, firmed and toned back to a much more youthful appearance. When this happens the visible results may be quite dramatic from the fist session. Microcurrent facial toning is cumulative, which means that the more treatments you have, the more improvement you will see.

5x sessions valid  for 2 months £  90.00

10 sessions valid for 4 months  £ 175.00 


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