Beauty made great

WEEK END AWAY   1hr30mins   £59.00

½ leg + bikini wax, Eyebrow wax + tint, Eyelash tint, Express Pedicure.     

FORTNIGHTS HOLIDAY    2hrs15mins  £85.00

Botanicals Facial, ½ leg + bikini wax, Eyebrow wax +tint, Eyelash tint, Express Pedicure, Express Manicure

PREGNANT   PAUSE   1.45hrs  £75.00 

Facial with Indian Head/Scalp Massage, Foot Spa Pedicure with extended foot massage. 

HALF AND HALF  55mins  £40.00 

The best for stress-busting! Half  back, neck &  shoulder massage followed by an indulging facial. Ideal treat!

PERFECT SKIN  45mins    £35.00

Perfect Skin! You are Body brushed and then a deep acting hydrating lotion is applied. Ideal holiday preparation.

                                        0794 11 99 288

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